New Electives Coming to MHS: School Year 2020-2021


This course is perfect for students who have always harbored a secret desire to explore the hidden world of bees. At first seemingly frightening insects, bees are actually complex creatures and crucial pollinators. Basic safety procedures for interactions with these insects, techniques for harvesting honey, and other important skills will be taught during this semester-long course. The class will also include information about how to differentiate between types of bees, as well as an opportunity for students to start their own beehives at home. Notable events and field trips include a presentation from bee-specialist Professor Tara Larson from Cornell University and a trip to gather honey from beehives in Amherst, Massachusetts.


For students with and without prior sewing experience, the quilting elective is a fun and unique opportunity. Students will learn about sewing techniques and how to make their own patterns.  The course will include many projects, such as quilted coasters, a wall hanging, and for the final exam, a king-size quilt. In addition to these wonderful projects, the class will also include a field trip to a quilting contest so that students can observe the work of skilled quilters. This semester-long class will allow students to express themselves through a different form of art and provide them with many useful skills along the way.


Put on your bowling shoes folks, because (yes, you guessed it) this elective delves into the fascinating sport of bowling! Special techniques for rolling bowling balls, rules for how to accurately keep score, and past achievements of famous bowlers will be taught during this semester-long course. In addition to bowling techniques, the class will cover the differences between candlepin and regular bowling, as well as other variations from around the world. There will also be frequent field trips to Leo’s Metro Bowl and King’s Bowling so that students have a chance to apply their newfound bowling knowledge and see firsthand how two styles of bowling differ.


Many people are afraid of going to the dentist, but one of MHS’s new electives aims to assuage some of that fear. In this year-long dentistry elective, students will learn about the tools hygienists use in a routine cleaning, how dental X-rays work, and the importance of sealants. The curriculum will include lessons about changes in dental equipment and how techniques have evolved throughout history. Students will go on several field trips to see how dentists prepare for their work and some of the more heavy-duty equipment they use. Not only does the dentistry elective include fun field trips, but also opportunities for extra credit. If students interview a dentist and write a short paper about what they learned, they will be able to earn extra points. Additionally, there will be several teach-ins from local dentists so that students can learn from the masters.

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