Days In a Pandemic

During this past year, society as a whole has become more familiar than ever with sweatpants, Netflix, and the comfort of home. Like many others, I have dedicated much of my time to binging television shows and scrolling through TikTok. While these are great ways to pass the time and the boredom, it is important that we also put energy into making ourselves feel a little bit special and excited each day. For instance, individuals are used to getting dressed and making themselves look nice for other people. What happens when we are not seeing anybody? Perhaps this is an opportunity to get dressed and look nice for ourselves. We deserve to feel special at any time, on any day, under any circumstance. So, here are some things that we can each do to make ourselves feel special: 

Have a dance party. 

One of the things that this pandemic has taken away from people is going out. Whether it is attending a party or simply hanging out with some of your closest friends, dancing is something individuals typically only do together. Frankly, I think dancing can be just as much fun, if not more fun, when you do it alone. Dance with yourself. Move your body. Have a good time! 

Get dressed in your fanciest outfit and make yourself a nice dinner. 

Essentially, take yourself on an at-home date. You deserve to feel like royalty, and sometimes, you are the only person who can make you feel that way. So, give yourself a date night. 

Take a solitary walk. 

As a society, we are not used to being alone. When we aren’t with others, it is so common to fill the vacancy with social media or a show. What if we used this time to get to know ourselves? Take a walk alone. Discover what you love about nature, and simply be with yourself.

COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives in often negative ways. It is essential that we put the care and effort into making ourselves feel like the royalty we are by finding small treasures in life to enjoy.

Eva Nickolas

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