Rebranding Marblehead

On January 21, the Marblehead School Committee met to vote on what the new elementary school being built on Baldwin Road should be named. The original list was released for the community of Marblehead to chime in on, and thus an influx of new ideas came through hurriedly. Hundreds of historical, memorable, and funny names were brought to the School Committee for voting. 

In the end, only five could make it to the final rounds to be publicly announced. These spots were coveted as everyone wanted to have their idea be the one that sticks with generations to come, just as the previous elementary school names had. In the end, the town decided to honor underappreciated people in Marblehead history, announcing the new school to be called “The Lucretia and Joseph Brown Elementary School.” 

Although both the School Committee and the community are overjoyed with finding the perfect name for our perfect next generation, they couldn’t help but wish they could use some of the other great suggestions thought up in preparation for the vote. Therefore, the committee decided to rename another Marblehead school using the name with the second most final votes from the meeting on the 21st. This open vote let the people have their voices heard, giving them some real decision-making power. 

So, the board is happy to announce the renaming of “Marblehead High School” to the second most voted proposition: “Boaty Mcboatface.” Truly a name well-suited for the town, this name change will occur before the 2021-2022 school year with an official ceremony in the late summer. We hope the Class of 2025 is honored to be the first class entering under the new name, and we hope that they can live up to the quality of their school’s new name.

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