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Potential School Schedule Change

“The schedule has changed back and forth between hybrid and remote often so it can be very taxing to constantly adjust your schedule every week… it’s difficult when students are consistently unsure about what their weekly plan is going to look like.”

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Super Bowl Review: Should Pats Fans Root for Brady?

Throughout the game, as well as Brady’s entire season with Tampa Bay, Patriots fans were presented with a question: should we root for Brady, the player that we love and who gave us six prior wins? Or do we root for Kansas City because of Brady’s betrayal?

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March 2019/20

As the Coronavirus Spreads, Here’s What You Need to Know

A study showed that 10% of the world believes that the coronavirus comes from the beer brand Corona. Hopefully, you are more informed about the virus than these people! As the number of coronavirus cases reaches 100,000 worldwide, the fear of this virus is rising significantly and many myths have been presented. In this article, […]

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General Interest

New Year’s Resolutions: The Yearly Struggle

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution? It’s January 1st again, so it’s time to make your annual New Year’s Resolution. In the past, you’ve been extremely unsuccessful and gave up on your resolution within the month. According to The New York Post, only eight percent of people actually achieve their goals, while 80 […]

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