The Wandering Man

The Wandering Man* roams the streets

Searching but never finding

Lonely but never minding

Restless eyes dart, target to target

From a crack in the sidewalk

To a bird in the tree

From a paint chipped fence

To his own bare feet

Unsteady footsteps are hesitant; uncertain

As if each next step is too burdened a commitment


He pauses briefly to remove his woolen hat

Only to return it after a moment of bald exposure


Continuing ahead, with shaky knees

Like a lost sailor, alone on the seas

But for what is he searching?

Where is his shore?

Or perhaps he is not searching

Perhaps he has surrendered to the moment

Realizing that life is naught but the journey itself

Perhaps we should all slow down

Stop searching

And surrender to the moment

Like the Wandering Man


*As seen from Marblehead Starbucks window

Kristy Twaalfhoven

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