Day of Service

Last Wednesday, October 24th, members of the Freshman class participated in a Day of Service. The goal of this day was to give back to the community in several different ways. Students from the Freshman class were chosen due to their ability to work well amongst each other. The first step of the Day of Service was to choose which projects to work on. The projects included cleaning up beaches, making care packages for children in hospitals, and working in the Marblehead Food Pantry. Students selected their top three choices and were put into groups. On the Day of Service, students gathered in the auditorium and went off in their groups with a teacher from MHS and a site leader. Groups then walked around Marblehead towards their site and got to work. Those cleaning up beaches and the bike path found an abundance of bottles and trash on the beaches and worked diligently to clean them up. Another group prepared a garden for winter. Some people helped senior citizens with their technology problems, and others made toys and care packages for sick children. A group went to the Village School to work with the children and help them with their schoolwork.

Every person worked hard to improve their community and persevered through winds and cold temperatures. The help from the students at MHS improved the town and left an impression on the community. Many citizens were helped through the Day of Service. The environment was aided, and now there will be less pollution causing harm to ecosystems on Marblehead’s beaches. Additionally, local organizations received help from the Freshman, which lessened their workload. The help from the Day of Service benefited all parts of the community. As a thank you for helping, the Freshman class was rewarded with a pizza lunch when they returned to the high school. All around, the day of service was a success and helped people throughout the town. Marblehead High School hopes to continue this tradition in the future with other classes. Thank you to the students who participated and put effort into improving their community, the teachers who worked at the sites, and those who reached out to the community and organized this event.

Julia Greenway

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