After Vape Detectors, What’s Next?

In response to the success of the newly installed vape detectors, the administration has unveiled a second project. Over quarter four, assuming success with grant applications, MHS will unveil state of the art Pheremonal Predetection Devices, colloquially known as BO detectors. A pilot device, installed last Thursday in the gym bathrooms, has already provided meaningful data about the state of BO at MHS. With the help of these detectors, administrators hope to cut down on alarmingly high levels of BO, but what does that mean for students?

Similar to the vape detectors, the BO detectors pick up chemical changes and will send a message to the nurse allerting her that a student is in serious need of deodorant. The student will then be discreetly sprayed upon exiting the bathroom. In response to student concerns of false alarms, generic deodorant in either sea breeze or fresh linen can be made available upon request. If one has allergies, the nurse should be notified beforehand of a possible alternative aerosol. The contents of said cans will be posted for the purpose of allergy awareness. Just because this resource is available, administrators warn, does not mean that students shouldn’t wear their own deodorant.

Already, these new devices have been met with mixed feeling from students. One student who wishes to remain anonymous says “I admit that I should have applied some extra deodorant before a very intense badminton game in gym class. However, I think this new measure is a little extreme and very embarrassing.” Other students are very happy about the new addition: “I often gag at the scent of my peers’ BO, and I’m happy to know that there is a measure to reduce the levels of stench!” said an anonymous sophomore.

There will be class assemblies regarding personal hygiene and more information regarding the pilot devices next Tuesday. Information about these meetings will be released by Mr Bauer within the next few days.

Caroline Johnson

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