End Procrastination and Gain Motivation

For those of you like me, it is a struggle to begin something the day that it is assigned, or even that weekend, whether it be for school, a job, or anything else you do not want to do, but must complete. You tell yourself that you will do it eventually, or you make yourself feel better by saying that you are simply too busy to deal with it right this second. In actuality, there is nothing truly stopping you from completing it. Procrastinating on an assignment is easy to do, however, it still usually gets done by its due date. It may not be as well put together as it could be, but it is completed. What about tasks without a due date?

When procrastinating on something that another will assess, one is much more likely to complete it, regardless of how rushed the process is. Yet, there are several things in life that people must complete without another making sure they follow through. For example, maintaining a healthy well being includes exercising, eating healthy foods, being mindful, and several other aspects. These are some of the easiest things to procrastinate on. Why? Because nobody else threatens an immediate consequence if you do not accomplish them.

It can be challenging to motivate oneself to get out of bed in the morning and go to the gym when one can just as easily stay under the warm, cozy blankets for just a little while longer. Suddenly, that turns into scrolling through some pictures on Instagram or Facebook and maybe watching a few YouTube videos. Then, one might call a friend or have someone over, and then maybe run a few errands, and the list goes on. The opportunity to exercise that day no longer exists. And let’s face it, if you don’t like to work out, you are most likely celebrating; after all, no one is forcing you to exercise. This is just the issue: humans tend to use deadlines as a motivator. When there is no deadline, often times fewer things happen. The only solution to this is to create your own deadline.

The dangerous cycle of procrastination needs to end, for it ultimately leads to guilt, frustration, and sometimes self-hatred, as people may be disappointed in themselves for not following through on their goals. The solution to procrastination-provoked feelings may be timelines. Regardless of the topic, it is important for people to be self-empowered and strong self-motivators. You deserve to feel accomplished, worthy, and successful. So to all of the procrastinators reading this, I urge you to set up mini due dates for yourself, even if they be for something as simple as a new hobby. Please do not let the mini procrastinator inside of you rule your decisions or make you feel ashamed. Empower yourself through smaller, self-made goals and deadlines.

Eva Nickolas

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