The College Process: Is It Worth It?

January, February, March: the three longest months for a senior in high school. Everytime I open Instagram, I am bombarded by congratulatory posts for my peers who’ve been accepted into and committed to their top-choice school. Congrats to my girly on Blank University, sending my bestie off to Blank College, University of Blank got a […]

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General Interest

A Take on Positivity

My last article was a review of 2019, and it was kind of a downer. At least, that’s how I remembered it. To find some of the year’s major events, I did a lot of research. It was page after page of intense information, and I felt like my article was tainted by the weight […]

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Coronavirus Update

On Friday, February 7th, Wuhan Central Hospital announced that one of their doctors had died from novel coronavirus (now COVID-19). Dr. Li Wenliang had been treating coronavirus patients previously and had contracted the virus during this time. Li had been one of the earliest whistleblowers about the illness, posting messages to his medical affiliates right […]

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