Pen Pal Writing from a High School Student’s Perspective

With everything going on in the world right now, it is important that we stay connected. Mrs. Billings’ English classes have paired up with Ms. Gora’s first grade class to be pen pals. Over 40 of Mrs. Billings’ students volunteered to write to a first grade friend. Students can write about school, family, sports, hobbies, quarantine, and more. It is a nice way to stay sane during this uncertain time. Writing letters isn’t common anymore, and this experience helps bring it back to life. Freshman Piper Morgan says, “It’s really cool that we have the opportunity to stay connected.” Maintaining social interactions is important and with social distancing, writing letters is a good substitute. 

Over this past month, it’s easy to only focus on yourself and your family. The fact that we have the ability to grasp what quarantine is like for a seven-year-old is special. Isabelle Harvey, who is also a freshman, agrees: “I like the pen pal program because it is nice to learn about new perspectives of people dealing with quarantine.” I remember what it was like to be in first grade. Making new friends and being with other kids is extremely important at that age, so it is great that we are doing our best to help. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it is helping the community stay linked and connected through this difficult time. 

Martha Heffernan

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