The Spinosaurus: A Feature

Since its initial discovery, people have theorized and debated about the habitat and lifestyle of the spinosaurus. Recently the spinosaurus was discovered to have specific adaptations that confirm the theory of it being an aquatic dinosaur. In Morocco, a fossil of a spinosaurus tail was discovered, and it showed that the spinosaurus possessed a paddle-like tail similar to an eel. This discovery makes the spinosaurus not only the biggest carnivore to walk the earth, but also the only aquatic dinosaur to have existed. 

I am personally fascinated by the subject of prehistoric megafauna, and the spinosaurus has been my favorite dinosaur for a while, so this discovery made me quite excited. Picturing the majesty of a spinosaurus gracefully moving through the water is interesting, and I imagine it must have been quite a sight to see, though not a welcome one for the fish it preyed on. I am pleased to definitively know how the spinosaurus lived, and I hope that humanity will continue to discover more about the life that came before us.

Sean McLean

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