Maintaining Balance During Remote Schooling

Throughout these first months of school, Zoom and Google Meet have been a dominating factor in students’ lives. Some feel that it has become exhausting and strenuous, while others believe the schedule is amazing. Regardless of where your point of view stands, your routine is the most important factor in balancing school and personal life. Here is a sample routine that may help you stay on a healthy track throughout school:

  • Wake up early – By rising early, you give yourself time to eat food and take time for your mind before the excitements of the day begin. 
  • Exercise in between classes – this could be twenty jumping jacks, bending down to touch your toes, or even running up and down some stairs. 
  • Put the phone away- It is easy to fall into the infinite abyss that is your phone, so leave your phone in another room. This allows you to pay attention to the other things that may need more care and attention. 
  • Create a checklist – Checklists are a wonderful way to organize our thoughts and motivate us to continue working. Each assignment you check off will lead to motivation to continue moving forward. Remember: success leads to motivation, which leads to more success, which then leads to more motivation.
  • Be mindful- Throughout the day, our mind is constantly moving. This can often lead to our anxieties rooting themselves in our lives. By setting aside just fifteen minutes a day to do something mindful, we are able to reconnect with ourselves. This will allow us to live in the present moment, and not constantly worry about the future.
  • Go to bed – We can’t make school start later, but we can choose to go to bed earlier. While homework often prevents us from ending the day early, it is important to make a conscious effort to get around eight hours of sleep every night, as this is an important factor in maintaining our mental health.

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