Winter Sports Are Looking Different This Year

The MHS fall athletic season wrapped up in November, and it has just been announced that winter sports are on for this year. Hockey, basketball, gymnastics, skiing, swimming, and diving are all taking place this winter. Tryouts begin on December 14th. You may be wondering, what safety precautions will be made for these sports? I talked to sophomores Saylor Caruso and Aeryn Vizy who are a part of the swim team at MHS. Saylor Caruso expressed her feelings toward the season saying, “Well, it’s going to look different this year. I’m excited for the season to begin and look forward to competing along with my teammates.” They explained to me that all the swim meets this year are home and will be virtual. This means that they will only race against their team, but the times will be submitted by the official to the other team that they are swimming against and that will determine the winners. Practices are split up by cohorts, and there are no longer morning practices. Aeryn Vizy says, “I’m just grateful that the school is doing everything they can to make our season happen safely.” 

Boys and girls hockey will also start up soon. Salem State, which is usually their home rink, is closed, so the teams have to schedule ice time somewhere else. The girl’s hockey team practices start in mid-December, and games begin in January. This is a big contrast to a normal season: typically the season starts at the end of November, with games starting in early December. I talked to sophomore Kate Santeusanio and she says, “Everything is subject to change, which is a little unnerving, but I’m grateful we’re able to have a season. We have a new coach who is a former MHS girls hockey player, which is really exciting, and our captain, Abby Kalinowski, is phenomenal.”  Although Kate is looking forward to the season, Covid-19 is still an issue. “Hockey is almost impossible to play socially distanced, and I just hope everything works out for the best.” She notes, “I know we’re all looking forward to having this piece of our lives back as much as it can be. 

Wrestling has been moved to the spring season, which starts in April. Indoor track has been moved to the Fall 2 season, along with football and cheerleading. This season will begin on February 22nd. I was surprised to hear that indoor track had been moved to the Fall 2 season, and so was sophomore Isabelle Harvey. “I am confused how basketball is Covid safe but indoor track isn’t,” she explained. “In track, we can social distance, and we earn points in a meet by individual performance. Basketball teams are all touching one ball and play close together.” Like many of her teammates, Isabelle is disappointed that her season has been postponed, saying, “I am still glad that we have a season, but I wish that we could have it earlier because it is hard to stay motivated and run without my team.” 

Overall, athletes are ready for their seasons to begin and are willing to do whatever it takes to be able to play winter sports this year. 

Check back in with Headlight this winter to hear how the season goes.

Martha Heffernan

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