Hybrid or Remote… Which One Gets Us Going?

Winter has arrived, we’re off from vacation. What happens now? We’ve all heard our parents and teachers talking about whether the schools will move forward with the hybrid or remote learning model, but who knows? We took surveys, talked to others, but what will turn out in the end? As we consider which route we’ll take, we think about both the safety and efficiency of the outcome. After interviewing a few students at MHS, I got a bit of an insight into what students experienced with both remote and hybrid learning would like to experience.

Responses from the students varied, but ended with a strong lead in returning to hybrid learning. Students believe that being in a classroom creates a more engaging environment. It provides more social time and normality to the week. One student mentioned that once hybrid is in action, there is much less screen time. In this day and age, we teens spend an awful lot of time on our phones, computers, TVs, etc. Any opportunity to lessen those hours is helpful. And as an extra plus, students have an opportunity to sleep in when not attending school first thing in the morning!

On the other hand, a few students believed that staying remote is the way to go. While enjoying the idea of getting into the building, some feel as if it isn’t as safe, especially in the midst of winter.

All in all, the majority of students I spoke with vote for hybrid learning, but whatever the school ends up choosing, this plan will act with our best interests in mind. Both models provide us with a good education, leaving us in a happy, safe environment. That being said, who would’ve known that this is how our high school lives would come to pass?

Mona Gelfgatt

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