Author: Sean McLean

April 2020/21

Chimps Make Next Step Towards Planet of the Apes

Some of the leading primatologists such as former supervillain Elizabeth Smith believe that this increase in spare time could lead to further technological and/or social advancements in chimpanzees, similar to how it did for humans.

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Attack on the Capitol

This event has left many Americans feeling disgusted and humiliated at the actions of their fellow Americans with how the rioters disrespected and attacked not only one of the most important buildings in America but also the process of a fair election.

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General Interest

The Spinosaurus: A Feature

Since its initial discovery, people have theorized and debated about the habitat and lifestyle of the spinosaurus. Recently the spinosaurus was discovered to have specific adaptations that confirm the theory of it being an aquatic dinosaur. In Morocco, a fossil of a spinosaurus tail was discovered, and it showed that the spinosaurus possessed a paddle-like […]

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April 2019/20

The World is Falling Apart, but “It’s Not That Big of a Deal”

Mr Bauer has recently announced that he will step down as principal of MHS in order to pursue a career in gymnastics and extreme sports, having been seen leaving Marblehead High School doing sick skateboard tricks while carrying a boombox playing the eurobeat song “DEJA VU” by Dave Rodgers. Also, teachers are now required to […]

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General Interest
January 2019/20

Memes of the 2010s

Over the course of the last decade, memes grew and evolved into what they are today. Many changes happened: many memes rose to the height of popularity then plummeted into the realm of cringe. The 2010s had many memes which defined each year, such as in 2010 itself when the most popular memes were what […]

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December 2019/20

Hot Take: School Water Fountains

So basically, some water fountains suck, some water fountains are epic, others are mediocre, and a few are jokes. Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking: “Seriously, these guys are writing an article about the school water fountains? No wonder no one reads this paper!” Now, I can’t guarantee that you’re wrong about that last […]

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