Finding Yourself Amidst This Chaos

Lists and lists of things to do can crowd out any room left for decompressing, and it is easy to get lost in this hustle. This is action, but action without thought is, dare I say, meaningless.

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Hybrid or Remote… Which One Gets Us Going?

As we consider which route we’ll take, we think about both the safety and efficiency of the outcome. After interviewing a few students at MHS, I got a bit of an insight into what students experienced with both remote and hybrid learning would like to experience.

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General Interest

Pantone’s Colors of 2021

These selections are supposed to set the stage for the new year, and it seems like in these unpredictable times, even Pantone is confused. Therefore they figured they might as well put happy, sunshine and sad, pavement colors on their roster, so all the bases are covered for how 2021 might turn out.

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