Day: November 17, 2022

General Interest

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Ezra Reid, Sophomore Dogs are the most popular pets in the world, with 360 recognized breeds of dogs out there for you to get to know and love. Every dog is unique and there is a very wide variety to pick from. One species of dog in particular that stands out is the Cavalier King […]

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Classics in Literature

John Curtis, Freshman School is where you go to get an education. And there is a variety of school subjects to learn, such as math, history, and science. Then there is English. In elementary school, you learn about sentences and how to make them. Then later you will learn about books, which are one of […]

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Halloween at MHS

Ethan Horgan, Freshman On Halloween Monday, students from Marblehead, across all grade levels, dressed up spectacularly for the holiday. An insider at the Village School let us know all about this year’s costumes for the elementary school kids. Ninjas, turtles, and lots of Ninja Turtles were seen throughout the school hallways as almost everyone down […]

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