Christmas in 2020

Who would have thought that Christmas in 2020 would end up like this? Now we might not have our grand family gatherings or usual traditions, but the holiday spirit is here. 

As I walked through the streets of Marblehead on December 6th, I could feel the holiday cheer in the air. Times aren’t ideal, but everyone is looking to make the best out of this winter. Covering almost every house are lights and decorations, with Christmas trees in the windows. Stores are playing music, people are buying gifts, and children are laughing. 

Each year, Marblehead hosts a Christmas parade. Sadly, due to the Nor’easter on Saturday, December 5th, it did not occur. But that didn’t stop our town from providing festive sights and activities. Right outside the Jeremiah Lee Mansion were endless amounts of gingerbread houses made by the local people of Marblehead. One was made in the style of the well-known game, “Among Us,” and another was a representation of Black Joe’s Tavern. If those delicious and stylish houses didn’t put you in the holiday mood, then I don’t know what will. 

Along with the gingerbread houses were ice sculptures standing by Abbot Hall. Candy canes, the Grinch, Frosty the Snowman, an elf, and a menorah were all sponsored by The Marblehead Festival of Arts (MFoA). As the festivities continued, people walked by in holiday costumes and Santa hats.

This year might have been unexpected, but the holiday cheer and Christmas spirit are bringing us all together, getting us through the year!

Mona Gelfgatt

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