Schedules are Changing, AGAIN! Here’s How To Keep Yourself Sane

What is this, schedule change #13? Whatever the number is, there have been many, but hopefully, this will be the last. Whatever your reaction may be—whether it’s dread for waking up early every day or excitement to learn more and see your friends—many of you might be stressed, not knowing how you will manage the workload and remain organized.

Finally, school till 2:30 and six classes a day. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, we haven’t seen this schedule in a while, and it will take some adjustment. We have a week-long vacation before we shift into this routine. Take a moment out of your day and think about what is to come. What will your week look like, what are your extracurriculars, and when do you have free time? It’s important to know what is going on, so things don’t jump at you out of anywhere. I have a planner in which I write all my homework, so I know exactly what I need to do each day. Make a plan for yourself. Think about what would work best for you to stay organized. What helps me is whenever I get emailed assignments, I don’t mark them as read until I get them done. This way, if you keep your email open, you’ll know what needs to be done. There are also many apps and websites that can help you stay organized. Timetable and Everyday Planner and Organizer are both available on the App Store. They are free and allow you to create lists and goals.

I believe that the most important thing is to make and get into a routine. Try to figure out when you have that free time in which you could get your homework done. If you know your Thursday evenings are full, do your homework right as you get home. We’ve all been guilty of procrastinating, and it’s not something we can get rid of in the snap of our fingers, but it is something we can all work on. Some teachers might tell you your homework for the week. If that’s the case, space it out to fit your schedule. If your teacher is very spur of the moment, keep that in mind. Once they assign work, do it as soon as you can. 

However, keep in mind that you should never overdo it. Your mental health is most important. While you shouldn’t slack off, if you know that you’re trying your best and won’t be able to get an assignment in on time, don’t hesitate to email your teachers. All of them care about you and will speak with you about what they can do to keep you from overwhelming stress.

But let’s talk about how we can prevent this stress. If you’re sitting there doing your homework and you feel that anxiety and stress creeping up on you, take a break. Step away from your computer and take a few minutes to cool down. Breathe, scroll through TikTok, Instagram, get a snack, talk to your friends, just give yourself 10-15 minutes to destress. If you’re all stressed out, you won’t be focused or productive, resulting in a worse outcome. Keep that in mind, and take those breaks every once in a while. 

Mona Gelfgatt

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