Juniors: Unprepared for an Independent Future

Almost all children dream of being in high school, having a sweet sixteen, or simply feeling like a grown-up. This day has arrived for the juniors, and unfortunately, we don’t know where to go next. Researching colleges and planning a future without parental figures is a relatively new part of our lives. It is extremely different from the glorified versions we saw in Disney movies as a child. Now that this once far away dream is becoming reality, it is hard to grasp, or even accept. 

Olivia Gardner, a junior at Marblehead High School and reporter for Headlight says, “I just feel like an unprepared child. That mature feeling I hoped to have this year just doesn’t exist.” She also feels that the school should “give more of an introduction to planning for college in freshman year in hopes of taking away some stress when they become juniors.” This planning would entail guiding students through the process of searching for colleges, and what goals to make for the remaining four years. Simple steps like this will help upcoming juniors feel less blindsided and unprepared for their future. 

Starting the college application process, for those who plan to attend, is a significant step towards future success. While this process may be stress-inducing, it does not have to completely consume our lives. With the help of the school, students can begin to prepare for college earlier in the upcoming four years of high school, thus limiting the dreadful feeling of being unprepared for an independent future.   

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