Inventing Anna: 21st Century Con

 By: Miranda Connolly, Senior

Anna Delvey was in the spotlight of New York. She was a rising socialite with dreams of starting her own social club, the Anna Delvy Foundation. All she needed was a small loan of 40 million dollars. However, Anna Delvey doesn’t exist. Instead, there is Anna Sorokin, who was born in Russia, grew up in Germany, and is currently being held in upstate New York’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement. But how could someone trick the New York elite into thinking she was one of their own? How could someone possibly live in New York for free and party with the (insert famous family names here)? These are exactly the questions Netflix’s Inventing Anna tries to answer. 

   Inventing Anna follows Vivian Kent, a reporter from the Manhattan Magazine. In an attempt to restore her reputation in the journalism world, Kent wants a story that will propel her back into the limelight. While searching for the new breakout story, Kent stumbles upon an article from the The Post, which details the arrest of a New York socialite Anna Delvey. This sparks Kent’s interest, and she decides Anna Delvey is the story that will restore her reputation.  Although Kent is told that she cannot write an article

about Delvey, the future of her career drives her forward, and Kent is able to secure an interview with Anna, and begin her investigation of how so many people fell for Anna’s tricks.   

   Kent follows Anna Delvey’s cookie trail all over New York City – and the world, trying to find out what her motivations were. The story brings a range of characters, which mostly fit into one dimensional archetypes that can be seen in any other fashion-oriented show. Although the story that is being followed is interesting, it feels like I’ve seen the show somewhere else. 

   Inventing Anna has a lot to offer. A mix of The Devil Wears Prada and Catch Me if You Can stored neatly into one Chanel bag, surely there is something that everyone can find entertaining.The true star of the show is Anna Delvey, who captivates the audience, just as she was able to with the New York socialites. Anna Delvey is so fascinating because she was elusive, a mystery from Europe, completely confident in herself. Ultimately, Anna Sorokin is the perfect con. 

  Inventing Anna is an ideal show for the weekend due to its fun storytelling that is rewardingly distracting; it will keep you hooked and wanting more until the very end.

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