Junior Prom 2022 – A Student’s Perspective

By: Amy Warab, Freshman

Everyone’s talked about the significance of Senior Prom for our high school graduates of 2022; the party, the location, and the fact that it went viral in the sports news industry for being the first prom ever to be held at Fenway Park during a Red Sox game… but what about Junior Prom?

Well, the best thing about Junior Prom was the dance floor. Although it was a bit small, it attained all the essential qualities of a dancefloor: The right vibes, the right music, and the right type of people. As the room color changed from blue to red to green, I noticed that the playlist was a collection of popular and boppy “dj songs,” mostly from the 2000’s golden era of club music. It was fun being able to scream lyrics to songs you grew up with along with everyone else, and like a hanging mirrorball, I just couldn’t stop dancing. The same goes for everyone else, and I loved how I could start dancing with anyone on the floor, even if it was someone I’d never talked to before. That’s how friendly and bubbly the environment was. Other than that, I liked how the meals were served and the nice variety of available snacks. Looking back, I regret not stuffing my purse with the delicious cookies they served that night!

On the negative side of Junior Prom, the main room was pretty small and the dance floor was crowded. Albeit fun and hyper, it was hard to not bump into people, and I accidentally stepped on the same person twice. I also disliked how fast some servers picked up your “trash/leftovers,” even if you were intending to finish it later.

Junior prom wasn’t bad at all, though I guess most complaints were related to the ticket price: everyone had to pay 100 dollars to be there, which some felt like it wasn’t worth it.

Although it wasn’t anything as legendary as the Senior Prom, Junior Prom was quite enjoyable. I think most Juniors would’ve loved to pay $45 for a Fenway Prom instead, but not everyone’s that lucky. If I were to rate this prom, I’d give it an 8/10.

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