Senior Year-in-Review

By: Miranda Connolly, Senior

To kick off senior year, the class of 2022’s had a Fall Ball, which was to make up for the semi-formal dance we had missed in sophomore year. Coincidentally, the Fall Ball took place after the amazing Marblehead Powder Puff win of 27-7 against Swampscott. Everyone was excited for this win and for the upcoming Marblehead vs. Swampscott Thanksgiving game, making the Fall Ball one of the most energetic nights of the year.

The Marblehead football team defeated Swampscott during their Thanksgiving face off, solidifying Marblehead entering their Division III playoffs as undefeated. The Super Bowl for the football team was held at Gillette Stadium and the entire school followed them to see their victory against North Attleboro High School.

Amongst other notable achievements for Marblehead sports teams, the swim team won the NEC and placed second in both the North sectionals and the Division II states. The varsity tennis team made it to the second round of states, as well as being NEC champions.

Senior Show was a night full of wild performances. The hypnotist who performed revealed people’s hidden musical talents as well as their acting ones. The Senior Show video was 15 minutes of pure comedic genius, including a skit of students dealing out problem sets, as well as a joke of Annika Hayley’s super speed abilities. Gordie Whalen and Owen Doherty perfectly encapsulated what it feels like to stand next to Grace McLean (she’s probably taller than you), as well as Ben K’s skills with the ladies.

Senior assassins had half the school running around stalking their targets, and the other half running away from their assassins. I myself was taken out right outside of my senior project lot. It was a grueling fight for the final victory, and in the end the prize money was split between the Clifford twins and Amelia Rogers. Lia Gorbach was the perfect moderator for assassins and kept the game going in every way possible.

Senior Prom was held at Fenway Park, and our class even made it onto the MLB website, as the first prom to ever be held in the new event center. The DJ laid out some sick bops, inspiring everyone to join in on the dance circles. By the end of the night everyone was slightly more deaf!

Graduation was held on June 3rd on Piper Field. We heard wonderful speeches from the superintendent, class president, vice president, salutatorian (who suspiciously looked just the president of the class), the valedictorian, and our wonderful principal, Mr. Bauer himself. Once everyone received their diplomas, we all brought our tassel from the right side of our caps to the left, and threw our hats into the air with celebration. The contribution of live music, exclusively including “Pomp and Circumstance,” came thanks to the band and its director Craig VanRemoortel.

Unfortunately, the class of 2022 suffered a great loss, our classmate, James Galante, was unable to join us in our senior prom, or walk across the stage to receive his diploma. The tragedy of his death was felt throughout the town completely, and the entire school came together to respect his legacy on the football field and in the community. A memorial for James will be built just outside of Piper Field, in the new fan section that is being built. This is to commemorate his amazing work and effort on the football team and as an athlete of Marblehead High School. It can be said that every student felt this loss, and that every student grieved, with the high school being forever changed by the loss of our classmate. Rest In Peace James, in solidarity, the class of 2022.

The long awaited senior year has come and gone, and my high school career has come to an end. Throughout the years I have studied for midterms, crammed for AP tests, and found some of the best friends of my life. At Marblehead High School I have had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Newspaper Club, which consists of some of the most wonderful people I know. I would like to thank Mr. Higgins for being the our club advisor; he has been a wonderful part of my high school experience and I am so lucky to have been able to work with him. I am so excited to see what the future holds for Headlight, and can’t wait to see where next year’s editors take the club. Thank you so much Headlight! You have defined my high school experience, and for that I am so grateful.

MHS Headlight

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