The Husky

Aislin Freedman, Junior

Many people have heard of the Husky, and all their notorious shenanigans and cute howling, but how much do you actually know about the breed? Huskies are sweet and loving dogs, even if they are a bit headstrong at times. A few reasons why you should consider a husky in your next dog search are their impeccable looks, active minds and bodies, and their demeanor towards humans.

First up, their beautiful coats. The most common colors for purebred Siberian Huskies are black, gray, red, and white. While it’s good to be aware that Huskies shed a lot (A LOT), they more than make up for that with those attractive patterns and soft fur. Their white underbellies and lighter undercoat truly make their moment, though, in the snow. Huskies are northern dogs, with Alaskan huskies having been specifically bred to pull sleds in the cold temperatures. Huskies also have some of the most enchanting faces, with pointed upright inquisitive ears, and the darker colored variations having adorable masks surrounding their eyes. Speaking of which, have you ever looked into the eyes of a Husky? Some Huskies have multicolored eyes, or each eye a different color, often blue and brown. Some Huskies have both brown eyes, or both blue, with each variation being equally striking. However, behind the icy cold blue, intelligence lurks.

Huskies are one of the smartest breeds, which makes them apt to learn more tricks and words, but they are also known for being headstrong. You might just end up with a miniature escape artist! Huskies love mental stimulation, so walks in the woods with many smells and sounds are perfect for them, as well as your own physical health. Puzzle food bowls and other stimulating toys are also great options for keeping Huskies occupied and happy. As for curbing their headstrong streak, showing your dog who’s boss and not giving in is the best way to avoid that early on. Overall, Huskies are active dogs that will keep you active as well, and keep you impressed with their mental capabilities.

Huskies are friendly dogs. However, unlike most other dogs, they aren’t clingy to their owners. Some owners may love a dog that wants to be around them 24/7, but if that doesn’t sound like you, then Huskies are perfect. They love affection in rationed amounts, and most of the time are content to entertain themselves. This independence is most likely related to the fact that most studies show Siberian Huskies to be the breed of dog in closest relation to wolves. While this fact may seem scary, know that Huskies are still domesticated dogs, and won’t start behaving like a wild wolf.

Overall, Huskies are an amazing breed, and I didn’t even cover the adorable howling and talking they do in place of barking. I guess you will have to look up videos of that on your own. So next time you ask yourself what breed of dog you should go for next, Huskies should be high on the list for anyone who is even vaguely intrigued by these facts.

However, be careful, and do your own research before choosing a breed, so as to not have to bring your dog back to a shelter if he or she is too much to handle.

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