The End of Winter Track

Ethan Horgan, Sophomore

Back-to-back-to-back varsity relay wins don’t come easy, but when you have an exceptional team, like Marblehead 4×200 runners, it certainly seems like it. In the most recent varsity meet, runners Thomas Carlson, Sebby Pantzer, Harrison Curtis, and Ryan Thompson, all ran spectacularly finishing first out of eight teams. While we only competed against Saugus and Peabody, most of our conference was there. With Peabody’s main varsity roster out for relays, Beverley became our only solid competition left, and e still blew them out of the water.

In our hurdles, Devin Whalen comes in at second place overall, and Clair Davis and Elise Burchfield not falling far behind, coming at Third and Ninth respectively out of 20 competitors. In the boy’s hurdles, Alex Hersey landed a first-place spot, followed by Errol Apostolopoulos and Mark Grazado getting third and fifth. 

In the 55m dash, Ava Machado and Sadie Halpern dusted any other town coming in at first and second, with Gabby Hendy also running a fantastic time, coming in at tenth out of 28 competitors. In the boy’s dash, Tommy Carlson ran a 7.05 landing him in fifth, with Matt Mahan and Ethan Horgan not far behind him. 

In the three hundred, Cate Trautman, LeDaisha Williams, and Cora Gerson won easily landing places at first, second, and fourth. For boys, Sebby Pantzer and Harrison Curtis took first and second, with Jack Burke only coming in four seconds behind Harrison

Even though the 1000, the mile, and the 2 mile all take up a very long time, runners from all events, and all field events, took incredible times and easily helped to secure a victory for Marblehead. All of these incredible performers could not have gotten to where they are without the amazing coaching staff we have at Marblehead. Nolan Raimo, William Herlihy, Dan Plunket, and Joseph Picano, have always helped the track team at their highs and lows and at their wins and their losses.

This year’s track season was a huge success all around. With great performers from every event and lots of rising freshmen/sophomores, next year and forward should be just as great. As Sebby, Harrison, Ryan, Errol, and many others move on next year, we hope to have another great season next year.

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