The Funk Will Prevail Album Review

Benny Burns, Junior

Kaelin Ellis’s album THE FUNK WILL PREVAIL starts with the song BUCK, giving you a message to not skip the song, as “any other movement will disrupt the force that is now about to enter your bloodstream, that force is known as The Funk.” the song then starts the album with a cheery, trumpet heavy song that is reminsicent of Parliment-Funkadelic’s “Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)”. It segues into the next song, CATS GROOVE, telling the listener “dont force the funk!”. CATS GROOVE is followed by the more mellow song, HOME.cookin. The next song on the album is LIL BIT, that has most vocals on the album with a verse from Kaelin himself. It is followed by TRIPPIN, with its heavy bass, cinematic strings, and choir vocals towards the end. The next song SWING IT!, is probably one of my favorite songs on the album, mainly because of the main synth melody. THE CALM has a nice main melody, while SLUMDOG has some nice sounding drums and piano, same for DON’T BE LATE. GET RIGHT! has some of the other few vocals on the album. The melody on BUSSIN sounds like a submarines radar, like Kaelin was recording this song deep underwater. SLANKY has a beat that feels closer to a dance track than a funk one, but its still a good song. The album ends with PREVAIL, which feels very similar to the first song, and the very last song is called ACT ONE which makes the whole album a loop. Overall I enjoyed this album and i would recommend it.

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